“We are writing this letter to thank you for the wonderful work you’ve done for us over last few years in planning & supporting delegations during official visits to UK especially sourcing transport & secure accommodation. We are happy to recommend your services to any party, you went above & beyond to help. We acknowledge W&A Consular is knowledgeable & trusted in field of Diplomatic Services”


“I want to take the opportunity to thank your company for your services, which as a result of your help, allowed our Embassy to lower bills significantly, I would recommend you & your company to other private & legal entities seeking to cut expenditure. If you ever need a reference of recommendation from Embassy, please feel free to contact me”


“We used W&A Consular during COP 28 in Dubai to provide (Airport Transfers, Secure Transportation, Meet and Greet, Accommodation, Event and Meeting services). We are very pleased with the quality of their services they were able to provide, and can recommend them without reservation to others in need of similar services worldwide.”

2024, CEO WeStay

Today, more than ever, tackling climate change needs to be a collective effort involving people from many countries working together towards common long-term targets. At uTalk, we believe that there’s no better way to connect with someone than to learn their language.

During COP27, we utilised W&A Consular services, which have facilitated the arrival of thousands of delegates to Egypt from all over the world.

W&A Consular provided us with bespoke accommodation and logistic services, proving to be the best in the field in providing support services that promote inclusivity and made us feel secure and comfortable during our stay in Sharm El-Sheikh. Therefore, we highly recommend W&A Consular for their exceptional services

2024, Board of uTalk

“With Miss Le help we sourced fresh imported Vietnamese Lychees in London during lockdown, as a gift for our friends despite both Fortnum & Mason and Harrods not having any, couriered securely in chilled transport and gift wrapped!”


“W&A Concierge negotiated football tickets for Premiership match that was sold out with 24hours notice with the seats we wanted at a price £2000 less then our lifestyle company had offered in February”

2018 MR ALI – UAE

“William’s understanding of the members clubs in London is unsurpassed as was his planning of our daily itinerary, booking tables & providing security team in London for Christmas when we visited from Latvia”