Today’s fast-paced global landscape mandates staying ahead of potential risks and ensuring that the safety and security of your operations is paramount. Recognizing this critical need for situational awareness, W&A Consular World is introducing Global Alerts by W&A to our exclusive suite of protective diplomatic and consular services offerings. Sourced locally from our extensively vetted security network operating across the world, Global Alerts by W&A will support you with comprehensive risk intelligence, timely alerts, and in-depth risk assessments to navigate the complexities of the international situation confidently through our exclusive partner.

  • Risk Intelligence: Gain access to our in-depth analysis, offering insights into geopolitical dynamics, economic factors, and other critical risk elements that could impact your business or travel plans.
  • Alerts and Notifications: If you subscribe, we will enable real-time alerts for you on significant global incidents, including governmental travel advisories, security threats, and major infectious disease outbreaks, ensuring you are always well-informed and prepared.
  • Critical Assessments: Where required, our detailed Country Risk Assessments (CRA) provide a thorough evaluation of the risks associated with specific countries or areas, focusing on subject matter like geography, weather, local laws, threats and travel advisory considerations.
  • Services that are built on real-time intelligence sourced locally only from our extensively vetted partners regarding global protective operations, offering around-the-clock advance visibility and risk mitigation into private sector and government-led global events.
  • We provide a forensic-level granular analysis of risks, delivering actionable intelligence that empowers you to make informed decisions.

To cater to the diverse needs of our clients, we offer tiered Global Alerts packages:

  1. Vigilant Guardian: Ideal for organizations seeking advanced protective insights. 
  2. Environmental Vanguard: Dedicated to natural events, environmental risks and disasters.
  3. Comprehensive Global Guardian: Holistic advance notice alert system covering all global incidents, from geopolitical shifts to emergency situations.
  • Deep and Dark Web Analysis
  • Continuous Surveillance of Digital Platforms
  • Around-the-Clock Crisis Alerting
  • Intelligence Live Feeds During COP27/G20
  • Expert Analysis and Reporting

Feedback provided has enabled us to understand the crucial role in interpreting the data collected and shared in advance. Detailed reports and briefings are then crafted to inform decision-makers, enabling strategic planning and response to protect assets and interests.

During a time where managing risk requires agility and foresight, W&A Global Alerts empowers you by ensuring your organization’s foresight and resilience against global uncertainties.

For more information and to subscribe to a bespoke Global Alerts package that aligns with your specific needs, please contact us at Your protection is our priority, and we are dedicated to providing you with the tools and insights to navigate the global landscape confidently #AboveAndBeyond